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Day 89

Exodus 39

Rules and numbers! Rules and numbers! Now I understand what people mean when they say that Judaism was a religion “of the book.”

Matthew Henry makes some really interesting points here about the a Christian interpretation of this passage, but I am reading this step by step, book by book, and it’s going to be quite some time before I get to the New Testament.

To me, this whole deal with all these descriptions and measurements and the like serves to show that God is a God of rules; He is a God of crafting, of building, of bringing together. He is a God of fine things, of glorious things, as exemplified by all the ornaments of gold and the anointing oils and incense. These things are revered by men, and by having this tabernacle built of them, God shows that he is worthy of reverence, that he is greater than all of these “fine” but earthly things.

It also serves as a test of faith for His people, much like Abraham was tested, that they would give up so many precious things and do so much work for this God above all gods.

Welcome back, all.

Peace be upon you.