John 3:16

Day 134

It’s quarter after 2 in the morning. I want nothing more than to go to sleep. So why am I here, writing this blog? Essentially, God told me to.

I thought about whether or not I should do it tonight or tomorrow, because I know that tonight I’d just half-ass it since I’m so tired. I told Him as much. He already knows (duh).

His reasoning, apparently, is that I need to understand what I’m going to put my clients through tomorrow. See, I work with kids in behavioral health, and after some rough spots this weekend of them not listening to me, I need to meet with some of them tomorrow and re-establish some stricter expectations and consequences. In the end, it’ll be better for everyone: less stress for me because they’ll be more obedient and less tension for them since they’ll know exactly where the expectations and boundaries are. I want to run a well-oiled machine.

I’m sure some of you drew a pretty clear parallel between the above paragraph and the way God works. Since I’m going to ask these kids to lower their expectations of “basic” pleasures (games, ice cream, fatty foods, etc) and put in some work, God needed me to know what a pain in the ass that was. So here I am, after 2 in the morning, my body crying for a good night’s sleep (curse my poor time management), and I’m blogging.

When I started this post, the clock on this computer read 3:16. For some reason the computer is stuck in the wrong time zone and it’s an hour fast. Thanks, God, for the slightly snarky reminder.

I tell you people, it never ends.

Numbers 17

Let the half-assing begin! It’s a verb now. Deal with it.

God is sick of all this nonsense and arguing, so He has all these leaders prepare a rod with their name on it, one for each of the twelve houses. The rods are to go inside the tabernacle. In the morning, Aaron’s rod has not just blossomed as God promised, but had sprouted, budded, blossomed, and produced almonds. Delicious!

Moses takes these rods out, shows everyone Aaron’s rod (heh heh) with the blossoms and such on it, and the people kind of freak out. To be fair, several dozen people just got consumed in fire, three families were swallowed by the earth, and several thousand people died of a wrathful plague, all within the past few days.

ohnoesSo yeah, the people are pretty much convinced that they’re going to die. At this point, I think several thousand dead has finally made them realize how seriously God takes this “sin” business, especially the bits where His chosen people don’t even listen to Him.

Here I am, God. I feel like such an unappreciative child, but can I please go to bed now?

Peace be upon you. 😉

Day 42

Writer’s note: I recorded this verbally last night and am now transcribing it. It just feels better for me to explain this since I’m running behind.

Good God. Here I am at 3:16 in the morning, appropriately enough, thinking about what I’m going to write today. I mean, technically I’m writing yesterday’s post, but honestly, after the day I’ve had, too bad. It’ll go up hopefully before dawn, and that’s good enough for me. Tomorrow isn’t quite here yet, so whatever.

So I was thinking about Joseph and his ability to interpret dreams. The dreams that Pharaoh has, he sees seven healthy fat cows, and then seven, ugly, gaunt, skinny cows, and they eat the fat cows, and leave no trace of them. Same thing with stalks of wheat, he sees like seven stalks of wheat and then seven shriveled stalks, or whatever, and the seven shriveled stalks devour the seven full, healthy, stalks. Then his butler, or cupbearer, depending on your translation, remembers, “Oops, hey, Pharaoh, there was a guy in prison that I was totally supposed to tell you about who can interpret dreams.”

Pharaoh goes, “Okay, well, send for him.”

Joseph comes, and he interprets Pharaoh’s dreams. He says, you know, Pharaoh tells him the dreams, and Joseph tells him, “Look, you know, God showed you twice in your dream.  God showed you two times in your dream to make it real clear. Here’s what’s gonna go down: you’re going to have seven years of plenty, of riches, and you’re going to have seven years of famine. The seven years of famine are going to completely swallow up the seven years of riches and plenty so that not you nor anyone else will even be able to tell that there ever were seven years of plenty.”

So, Pharaoh realizes how wise this guy is, and he can tell that Joseph is a man of God and of great wisdom, and thus, power, and so Pharaoh basically makes him second only to Pharaoh over all of Egypt. He’s basically like, “You’re going to be my right hand man, you’re going to sit here… I need a guy like you to help me.”

Joseph makes sure that during the seven years of plenty, they store up until their stores are full to bursting. He says, “Alright, we’ve got all this stuff. We’re good to go.” When the seven years of famine come, he sells the grain and sells from the stores. People all over are suffering from this famine and Joseph sells from their stock, and despite the famine, they prosper.

So I was thinking about my own dreams, and such, and I thought it was really interesting, because it took me til today, when I was beaten down and exhausted from twelve hours of working and driving and herding children… and it wasn’t until this morning that I… Well, alright. I’ve had a similar thing happen in my dreams twice. Like the way the Pharaoh had seven rich and seven lean and so on, I had two separate dreams, months apart, where I strangled a man to death. My first thought after reading Genesis 41 was, “Am I going to strangle somebody to death? Am I going to get into a position where I have to kill a man with my bare hands?” But I realized in my dreams, the people that I strangled to death were “bad guys.”

The first one was an unidentified agent of a supernatural evil, like, there was a hint in my dream that he was actually a demonic figure. He looked like a man but he was either possessed by some evil force or he was some evil creature in disguise. The second one was a high-ranking Nazi officer, and yeah, I get it, in real life Nazis were human beings and so on, but in my dream, he was an evil man. So, I didn’t realize until just this morning that in both cases, I was snuffed out an evil life.

And see, in real life I’m sort of a pacifist. I don’t think really it’s right to take a human life. I don’t think that’s our call to make. It’s like every man, woman, and child is a world unto themselves, and each person represents something sacred and special. But anyway…

I don’t really think, unless it was an extreme case of self-defense, I don’t think I could bring myself to kill somebody, especially by like, choking them or strangling them with my bare hands.


“No, no, Jimmy, choking is something you do when you eat too fast. What I’m doing is actually referred to as ‘strangling.'” ¹

The thing I realized this morning as I was leaving my house for work is that in these dreams, I am triumphing over evil. This is the dream that God is showing me, I feel. It just came to me in a moment of inspiration. It was just all of a sudden clear as day, and I went, “Oh, that’s what it means. Duh!” It’s triumphing over evil.

I thought about it for a minute and I was like, “Ooh! Do I conquer all the evils of the world?” and I realized that’s not really realistic, but what I feel that it means that I will conquer the evil within myself. And that’s a pretty satisfying answer; I’m pretty satisfied with that. I mean, I’d like to shoot for conquering more evil, you know, in the world. You know, some bigger evil, some grand-scale evil in the world, and really help eliminate some wickedness and suffering here or there, but conquering the evil within myself would be pretty great. That’s the dream that God has shown me, and I feel pretty good about that.

So if I ever have a dream where I strangle a guy to death, let’s hope he’s a bad guy, because seriously, I need some consistency here, God. But I think two times is all I needed, and of course the second time comes just a few days ago, right before I read Genesis 41, where Pharaoh has two dreams with a parallel meaning, and it’s just interesting, it’s so funny how these things work themselves out.

This is, like, my life: funny not-coincidences. But for as weird as it is and how little I understand it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

¹ Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software and 2K games. Image accessed from

Day 1

“For God so loved the world…”

Wait, that’s not now this starts.

Interestingly enough, yesterday, the first day that I wrote anything for this project was March 16th, 2014. 3/16. Or 3:16, for those of you familiar with the famous verse in John. I have no access to the Internet as I write this, so there may be a time difference between the writing date and the posting date. And so we begin with…


Genesis 1

“In the beginning” is a pretty good way to start any text, especially one that appears to be concerned with life, the universe, and everything. It is interesting that just yesterday, a Jehovah’s witness stopped by my house. He is an older gentleman and a man I have met often. I like him and I respect him and I hope he returns. Yesterday he gave me a copy of their publication, called “Awake!” which, appropriately enough, discusses “The Untold Story of Creation” as its main feature.

According to this pamphlet, here’s a rough outline of what the Jehovah’s witnesses believe about God and about the introduction of Genesis.


a) “is a person, an individual. He is not a vague force devoid of personality, floating aimlessly throughout the universe.” I’ve thought of God for quite some time as a force, but not as one devoid of personality. Perhaps I just haven’t given thought to what an infinitely powerful spiritual body would look like. In a way, God could have a spiritual body the size of the universe, and thus be “everywhere” so to speak. Anyway, let’s move on.

b) “has infinite power and wisdom. This explains the complex design found everywhere in creation, especially in living things.” Natural laws appear to account for this complexity as well but I am getting so far ahead of myself…

c) “created all physical matter. Hence, he (sic?) cannot be made of physical elements that he (sic?) himself (sic again?) created. Rather he (sic?) is of a spiritual, or non-physical, nature.” This is interesting to me. It has no scripture cited but this would explain why we feel God, via what some call the Holy Spirit, but we cannot study or test for God using scientific instrumentation. Also, I guess society has really drilled this into me because I feel weird referring to God without capitalizing His pronouns. I’ll have to ask the JW about that next time I talk to them.

d) “has always existed and will always exist.”

e) “has a personal name […] Jehovah.”

f) “loves and cares for humans.”

Alright, so that seems pretty straightforward. Regarding Genesis, the pamphlet also says that the Bible “frequently uses the term ‘day’ to designate various periods of time. In some cases these periods are of an unspecified length.” The man who came to my door likened this to saying “In the days of my fathers,” or “In the days of my youth.” So he, and apparently JW doctrine, assert that the days of creation are not literal 24­-hour days, but instead extended periods.

Now I looked up a “Skeptic’s Annotated Bible” on my smartphone, and boy, do they rip into Genesis 1. Their website ( calls the creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 “contradictory” and flat­ out states that it “conflicts with the order of events that are known to science.”

Now scientific research and observation tells us that the universe was likely created in a sudden expansion of material some billions of years ago, I believe somewhere to the tune of 13 or 14 billion years. The common age of the earth is estimated to be around 4 to 5 billion years. So the universal beginning, commonly referred to as “the Big Bang,” caused all this material to spread and spread and spread and potentially actually spread the fabric of space­time itself. I’m not a physicist so I have no idea how that even works or what that would even mean. But universe starts small and gets bigger. Yay!

Until recently, we had very little conception of how planets and stars might form. It would seem like gravity would take way too long to gather enough random floating dust to create a planet, much less a star or collection of stars. A recent demonstration of static electricity aboard the ISS showed that in the absence of gravity, objects, in this case, grains of salt, get attracted to each other via the electromagnetic force. In the absence of gravity, static suddenly becomes a really big deal. So, perhaps the planets and stars, etc., formed in this way.


So on “day” one, the heavens and earth are created. Is that, “Heaven” heaven? Apparently not yet, according to the New King James Version. So maybe it’s just the sky?

Even though God created the heavens and earth at the same time, the earth is described as being “without form, and void.” I made dinner! Oh, where is it? Well, it’s without form. But I made it.

So what does this mean? Could God have created the idea of the earth, created the path by which He knew the earth would form? Or by which He would later form it?

In case you didn’t read the about page, I’m interpreting the Bible as I see fit, and not literally. Also, I didn’t expect this to be a play­-by-­play of verses, but with Genesis 1, how can I not?

Anyway, so earth is formless. But there are “waters.” Somewhere. Anyway, now we get to the good stuff.

“Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.” Genesis 1:3, God creates light. Now if we mean literal physical light, then on the first day, God created photons. So I like my idea of: the heavens are created, that’s space­time, and the earth is created, without form, so I guess maybe even just as energy, which will begin coalescing into matter right about… now! So there was light, and “it was good.” Sounds good. So we have light EVERYWHERE, because it’s not until Genesis 1:4 that God separates it from the darkness.

So maybe we have, the all the light and energy from the Big Bang, and then a moment later (or whatever) there are areas of the “heavens” without light. So later in the “day” we have empty space. Which isn’t really empty, yadda yadda yadda, I know, but this isn’t a physics textbook.


“A firmament in the midst of the waters”? So what’s a firmament? The New International Version uses the word “vault.” NKJV says that the firmament was called Heaven, with a capital H. The NIV says that the vault was called sky. Oh, boy…. And so it begins….

There are waters above and below this firmament, apparently.


So, here God separates the water from the land. So we have “Earth” and we have “Seas.” Or in the NIV, we have “land” and “seas.” The JW gentleman said that he’s going to bring me a copy of their translation of the Bible, which is written in plain modern English, translated as best anyone can tell from older Greek and Hebrew texts. I can’t wait to see that one.

But I digress. So on this “day” we get plants. Grasses, trees, and fruits, to yield seed “according to their kind.” So we have some biology now: life creating life. Apple trees do not bear seeds that grow peach trees, and vice versa, and so on and so on.

And everything is pretty good. Haha.


So today we have day divided from night, and the Sun and the Moon are created. At least, that’s the implication, since it never says “sun” or “moon” anywhere in here. But it is pretty heavily implied since the lights are “‘for signs and seasons, and for days and years.'” So sayeth the Lord, Genesis 1:14. Some people interpret this as astrology, at least the “signs” bit. But anyway. Signs, seasons, days, years. So this is how we figure out a calendar. This is how we figure out holidays. Etc., etc.

The JW pamphlet states that on the fourth day, “the sun and moon become discernable [emphasis added] from the earth’s surface.” So, their interpretation is that prior to this, the atmosphere of the earth was such that they were not visible. Now it seems that in the early days of the earth, there were clouds of dust and volcanic ash, violent storms, and the like. But there probably wouldn’t have been plants at this time, at least not as we know them. If there were plants before the “sun and moon [became] discernable” then they would be little rinky-­dink single­-celled organisms. At least, in my opinion and understanding. But whatever.

One of the main things I talked about with the JW gentleman is that the Bible doesn’t need to be a science textbook. There is a difference between physical and spiritual things, as elaborated upon by their pamphlet describing God’s spiritual body. The Bible is a great book, but its concern is with spiritual matters. It is not a medical text, a science text, a biology text, and so on. Can we learn some things from it, or at least compare it to what our observation of the world tells us? I’ve believed for a long time that it would be a cruel or mischievous God that makes a universe that operates on a series of natural laws that are designed to trick and confuse its inhabitants (humans). And I don’t believe that God is like that; I don’t believe God would punish people for having the audacity to better understand how creation works. If you put an animal in an enclosure, it’ll probably try and assess the limits and contents of its domain, and humans are no different.

Anyway, day four, everybody.


So now we have animal life in the waters, and birds in the skies. For some reason, birds come before land animals in Genesis 1. Modern birds appear to have evolved (gasp, I said it!) from dinosaurs as far as we can tell, and so likely came much later in this process. But again, not a science book.


Now we get animals and beasts of the earth. Things again reproduce according to their kind. Perhaps this is where some of the evolutionary criticism comes from. If things reproduce according to their kind, then how can anything evolve? Anyone ever breed dogs? Or cattle? Or anything?

Given time and careful breeding, it’s possible to get something different from what one starts with. So even though it’s not in the Bible because who would have understood it when this book was written (or transcribed, or whatever), there is such a thing as mutation and genetic variation within a breed or species… and over time….

But here’s the first thing that made me go, “Huh?”

Genesis 1:26. “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…” So I find the first­-person plural interesting. God basically says “Let’s do this thing,” but who’s the “Us”? Not, “Let Me,” but “Let Us”. So perhaps this involves the idea of the trinity, what people would call a Godhead. That God is one but also more than one. Or maybe I’m complicating the narrative.

So anyway, God makes man. This is not really shown as that big of a deal… He “created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27.

Wait, what? And then He tells them to go and have kids and be fruitful and he just gives everything to man! God gives man the herbs and the plants and the animals and He says, that man should “fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over […] every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Now this is a lot of responsibility to give one’s children or creations! Take care of the whole world! Be good!

But at least Genesis 1:27 might provide the answer to “Who was Cain’s (or any Old Testament man’s) wife?” Because apparently God just created a bunch of people!

And that wraps up the first six days of creation. Genesis 1.

Anyone who can provide insight or opinions or interpretations, please do so below! This is a project of discourse and understanding, as best I can accomplish it. Full disclosure, I am a man often swayed by logic, or at least by things that appear to make logical sense when held up to scrutiny. If this logic happens to come in the form of verses, so be it. I’m just trying to learn.

Peace be upon you.