Attention, dear readers!

I want to write about you.

Here’s the deal: I’m reading the whole Bible and writing about it. My main and best source of established commentary is from Matthew Henry, a nearly 300-years-dead Presbyterian minister.

But I want other people’s opinions! I want to know what other people think, too! I don’t care if you’re Buddhist, or atheist, or Christian, or agnostic, or whatever else you might be. If you have an opinion or interpretation regarding a chapter of the Bible, send it to me! I want to incorporate your ideas into my blog. You have ideas that I’ve never thought of.

Here are the rules:

  1. Keep submitted commentary to chapters I have not yet written about. I don’t mind reading commentary on previous chapters but it is much less likely that I will be able to include it.
  2. Please include which chapter or verse you are writing about. It’s going to make the review process much easier.
  3. I am interested in sharing the good ideas and commentary that I receive! By submitting your opinion or interpretation to me, you agree to let me use it or edit it in any way, shape, or form that I see fit. I promise not to twist your words around and make you look like a maniac.
  4. You will be credited unless you prefer to remain anonymous. (Let me know ahead of time!)
  5. I reserve the right to use or not use a submission. It’s nothing personal! Some things just may not fit the needs of my blog.

So that’s it! I hope my readers will become writers, so let the games begin!

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