Day 106

Leviticus 16


I just realized this is the last book of the Bible that sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Sad face.

Honestly, I do not understand this rackin’ frackin’ chapter. I’m bored of reading Old Testament instruction manuals. I hate to say it, but it is true.

“Here’s a bunch more offerings that Aaron has to make as high priest… yadda yadda clothes yadda yadda blood yadda yadda sacrifice.”

Pretty much the best thing I got out of reading some commentary is about how the goat is Jesus.

I’m starting to think that through Christian eyes, everything in the Old Testament is Jesus. The High Priest? Jesus. The sacrifice? Also Jesus. The other goat? Also Jesus. The “holy place” of the tabernacle? Not Jesus, but the door to heaven opened by… you guessed it! Jesus.

I think at some point I should sell bumper stickers that read


but I’m not sure if I’d want people to buy them sincerely or ironically.

Anyway, old man Matthew Henry has some good commentary. I’ll just leave this here (and format it myself, because seriously this giant block of text hurts my eyes) and sign off for the night:

“Christ is both the Maker and the Matter of the atonement; for he is the Priest, the High Priest, that makes reconciliation for the sins of the people. And as Christ is the High Priest, so he is the Sacrifice with which atonement is made; for he is all in all in our reconciliation to God. Thus he was figured by the two goats.

The slain goat was a type of Christ dying for our sins; the scape-goat a type of Christ rising again for our justification. The atonement is said to be completed by putting the sins of Israel upon the head of the goat, which was sent away into a wilderness, a land not inhabited; and the sending away of the goat represented the free and full remission of their sins. He shall bear upon him all their iniquities. Thus Christ, the Lamb of God, takes away the sin of the world, by taking it upon himself, John 1:29.

The entrance into heaven, which Christ made for us, was typified by the high priest’s entrance into the most holy place. See Hebrews 9:7. The high priest was to come out again; but our Lord Jesus ever lives, making intercession, and always appears in the presence of God for us.

Here are typified the two great gospel duties of faith and repentance. By faith we put our hands upon the head of the offering; relying on Christ as the Lord our Righteousness, pleading his satisfaction, as that which alone is able to atone for our sins, and procure us a pardon. By repentance we afflict our souls; not only fasting for a time from the delights of the body, but inwardly sorrowing for sin, and living a life of self-denial, assuring ourselves, that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

By the atonement we obtain rest for our souls, and all the glorious liberties of the children of God. Sinner, get the blood of Christ effectually applied to thy soul, or else thou canst never look God in the face with any comfort or acceptance. Take this blood of Christ, apply it by faith, and see how it atones with God.”

Good night, all. Peace be upon you.

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