Day 47

Genesis 47

I know I’m behind, but Genesis 47 is just not all that interesting! I’m really looking forward to Exodus and some new stories.

Joseph talks to Pharaoh and gets land and bread for his brothers, his father, and their families.

Then Egypt runs into this horrible inflationary scenario where no one has any more money to buy bread. Joseph has people trade first their livestock, then a year later he has them trade in their land. Seems that Joseph invents the feudal system.

They give him control over the land, he provides seed, they do the farming, keep 4/5 of everything and give 1/5 to the state. The priests are the only people in Egypt who do not cede control of their land to Pharaoh.

As Genesis 47 draws to a close, Israel has reached one hundred and forty-seven years of age. He knows he will die, and he asks Joseph to bury him in the land of his fathers. Joseph says that he will do as his father has asked.

Israel says some stuff back (Gen 47:31)…

And so endeth Genesis 47.


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